6 thoughts on “souvenirs

  1. Your poem brought to mind Frost’s “A Passing Glimpse” – especially the end –

    “Heaven gives it glimpses only to those
    Not in position to look too close.”

    The combination of the song, picture, and poem is strongly nostalgic.

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    1. Hi Marcy, Thanks for your incisive and thoughtful comment — I really appreciate it.
      I did not know the Frost poem that you mentioned but the more I thought about it I realized you were right. The last stanza is an elegant statement of an emotion I was trying to evoke. “Happiness,” “time,” and “youth” are all things that happen at the perimeter of your field of vision only to be revisited from a different perspective as you get older. I was inspired by you to try and combine a photo with a poem but I am not the artist you are! Thanks again for your comment.
      p.s. Is that your cat as your avatar? He/She looks adorable.
      p.s. Have you ever thought of putting your artwork on Saatchi Art? (https://www.saatchiart.com/) Your work is better than most that is there — I know because I help my Dad with his account.

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      1. Hi John – Yes, that is my cat! Her name is Tanzie – I adopted her a few years ago as a companion to my older cat and now she is the queen of the house and considers herself 100% in charge.
        I will check out saatchiart! Do you and your Dad feel like you’ve had a good experience with the site? I know there are a few sites like this, direct art sales, so I’m curious what your first hand experience has been.

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        1. Hi Marcy, That’s so funny about your cat — my brother had a cat who also took over. You’re just there as “staff”. My brother had a poster of a cat and it said “will ignore and disdain you for food”. That’s a really cool name – Tanzie. My Dad and I tried all the art sales websites and Saatchi Art is the best by far. He’s been there for many years and he’s still there even though he is now represented by a gallery. They even did a post about my Dad and I: https://canvas.saatchiart.com/art/how-a-son-helped-his-father-rekindle-a-career-in-art. I’m glad you’re back and I hope you stay with WordPress at least to some extent because your “Likes” and comments mean a lot to me.

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          1. I enjoyed the article – that’s cool that they wrote about you and your father! I do plan to stick around 🙂 Your work is always inspiring to me! I was archiving some of my old posts and found the GIF you did for me on the “Fixer of Midnight” poem – still one of my favorites.

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            1. Thanks about the article — it was really cool. My Dad and I were both happy with it. I’m glad you’ll be sticking around because I feel the same way about your posts — they always inspire me. I really enjoyed our collaboration on that “Fixer of Midnight” post. Let’s do that again some time! Anyway let me know if you have any questions about Saatchi — I’d be happy to help. Are you on Instagram? My Dad’s been on it for a while but I just started. How’s Tanzie?


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